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Aeroengland is run by Jonathan Webb, one of the UKs leading specialist aerial photographers.  Flying from various aerodromes throughout the UK, Jonathan has more than 20 years experience in aerial photography and has published more than a dozen books on aerial photography.


If you would like to buy an aerial photograph not shown in the gallery please contact me, I have an archive of over half a million aerial photos.  I can also take new aerial pictures specially to order anywhere in the UK.


To use any of these images simply click the "buy licence & download " tab under the image and run through the shopping cart. Payments are handled by Paypal or Stripe. If you prefer not to pay online simply  contact me for alternative payment options such as bank transfer or cheque. I have a very simple haggle free flat rate price list with only two prices as follows:-


Standard price £195 each 
Any quantity reproduction and any printed use, any video use any printed size any web use, non transferable Royalty Free licence with no time limit. This license covers commercial, non commercial and educational use all at the same price. This licence must include a credit to aeroengland with each and every use. ( Typically " adjacent the image ) The image is provided clean for you to add a credit appropriate to you your use ( Must be clearly readable and not less than text size 12 ).  The copyright meta data embedded within the image must remain intact whenever the image is reproduced in order to prevent the image becoming a so called "Orphan Work". The price is a simple haggle free, non negotiable flat rate and is the same where your use is commercial or non commercial and whether your use is large or a small use such as one day or a simple presentation.


Uncredited use price £390 each 
As above but the right for a credit to aeroengland is waived. however, the copyright meta data embedded within the image must remain intact to prevent the image becoming a so called "Orphan Work".

All standard licences are non transferable and for the use of the licensee only, so you cannot grant further usage rights to third parties, therefore sharing on social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram etc,  which grant third party usage licences, are not covered by my standard licence. If you would like to use my images on social media, please Email me. Social media licences are priced according to how long the image is to be used and start from £195


Print Prices


Size Unframed print

Box Frame

(Thin frame 2" deep which mounts flush on the wall giving a box effect
Frames silver - wood - black - please email for availability and info  )

Acrylic Gallery

Acrylic face-mounted frameless photographs which provide vibrancy and depth to the work. Highly recommended

12"x8" £50 £132 £120
20"x13" £60 £245 £267
24"x16" £70 £330 £339
30"x20" £80 £396 £410
40"x30" £110 £693 £750
60"x40" £220 £1078 £1326
Mural-approx 10ftx4ft
email for individual quote. Note all styles available.
POA n/a n/a


Please note, many of the images in the gallery are not the same ratio as the prices above and will need either the image or the size adjusting, therefore prints are not in the shopping cart. Please Email me if you would like to buy a print.


Payment info: As well as the online shopping cart, you can pay by  BACCS. Please  email for BACCS info.


All aerial photos on this website are © Jonathan C. K. Webb  and may not be copied,saved, hotlinked or reproduced without written permission.These are high quality professional aerial photographs taken by a professional aerial photographer , not a source of free images. All rights reserved and all moral rights asserted . Cyber-shoplifters will be prosecuted! To reproduce these pictures you must first purchase the digital file and license. Click the license prices link above for the latest prices or click the add to cart link with the images to purchase a license. Unauthorized users of my aerial photographs will face additional costs.Please email for more information.

Legal notice: Jonathan C K Webb trading as aeroengland aerial photography is an independent artist, not affiliated to or endorsed by any of the subjects depicted. All photos are sold without property or model releases, customers are required to obtain any additional releases needed themselves. Jonathan Webb's photographs are registered with the United States Copyright Office, none of the images in this website are so called "Orphan Works" and none of the images are available to license under any "Extended Collective Licensing Scheme" I hereby contract out of any and all extended collective licensing schemes. To use any of my images you must first agree and pay for a license directly with, and only with the photographer, Jonathan C K Webb. If you find any errors or omissions in this website, please inform Jonathan Webb who is also the web-designer. 


Jonathan C K Webb


© JCK Webb - all rights reserved, all moral rights asserted.